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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What am I buying?

A: Ability to prepare and securely store a professional loan package which is seamlessly connected with up to 225 lenders

Q: What makes USExpress, INC Better?

A: The commercial loan procurement process is a time consuming, paper intensive, and costly process. USExpress, INC has eliminated the need for paper, copies, faxes, overnight charges, and the numerous phone time and costs in locating qualified lenders. USExpress, INC stores and organizes all business data in a secure electronic Vault-database which can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. USExpress, INC enables qualified parties, chosen by the borrower to look into the vault in order to submit questions and proposals. USExpress, INC enables all lenders to see a question and the answer, thus speeding up the loan proposal process and eliminating the borrower from answering the same questions multiple times. USExpress, INC does all the work once the business data enters the vault. Studies show that costs drop 30% and funding time drops from 60 days to 15 days.


A: USExpress, INC Technology is a proprietary Web-enabled software platform that sorts, manages and runs live interactive transactions specifically engineered for commercial business and real estate loans. USExpress, INC fully empowers commercial borrowers to take the time and costs out of the loan procurement process.

USExpress, INC intelligent technology sifts within seconds an entire data base of lenders worldwide including, banks, insurance companies, finance companies, pension funds and wall street firms synchronizing criteria established by the borrower's loan needs. USExpress, INC matches the lenders and borrowers loan type, size, and location and notifies the right institutions electronically. Lenders then view at their desktop an anonymous loan package. Interested lenders submit proposals on the loan package, which are viewed by the borrower. Once the borrower selects the winning lender, the closing is subject to due diligence directly with the lender using the Vault.

Q: Will it help me organize my loan information?

A: USExpress, INC organizes the loan request information to make it easy for a lender to make an intelligent proposal on a commercial loan. USExpress, INC offers are more than an application and enables uploading of a full loan package. There are 75 different unique loan applications, which represent the majority of all lending transactions.

Q: Who can access the financial information provided by the borrower?

A: When borrowers first submit the loan form, this data is stored in a Vault, our secure technology archive. Only approved lenders who have specified an interest in your particular loan type may view the information. However, you give permission for lenders to contact you.

The borrower may upload/fax/scan any business information, which would assist lenders in making better proposals. This data in the Vault can also populate for future loan applications.

Q: At what point is the borrower committed to obtaining a loan?

A: The borrower is not committed until the moment he chooses the winning proposal. This is stated clearly in the agreement between USExpress, INC and the borrower in the no-shop clause of the contract. Lenders will make offers to the borrower depending on the loan requirements. If the terms and rates do not fit the needs of the borrower, the borrower is not required to close with any of the lenders.

Q: How do borrowers know that the lender honors the rate and terms offered in their proposals?

A: USExpress, INC tries to screen qualified lenders before they receive a vault key. The lender agrees not to re-trade the customer if everything described in the borrower's live submission form is accurate. Of course, if the information submitted by the borrower is stale, false or misleading, then the lender has the right to re-negotiate the deal or not to participate. Also, there is a feedback forum where borrowers rate lenders. Having negative information posted on a lender in the forum may keep other borrowers from using that lender. Therefore, lenders will want to follow through as promised.

Q: Will borrowers receive telephone calls or mail from soliciting lenders?

A: No, because the identity of the borrower is hidden, and the lenders agree in their contract with USExpress, INC not to solicit the borrowers. When the borrower chooses the successful lender, only that lender receives the contact information of the borrower.

Q: How does the loan closing take place?

A: The lender and borrower arrange closing procedures directly, without USExpress, INC's involvement. It is advisable to use the services of specialized professionals, such as attorneys, appraisers and accounting firms. If you need references for these professional services, USExpress, INC can provide trustworthy and reputable firms.

Q: How does the borrower know the lender is capable of funding the loan?

A: When the lender applies to submit proposals on USExpress, INC, the lending firm defines its loan criteria. The lender specifies what types of loans it will make in terms of size, sector of business, and category. Then USExpress, INC automatically matches only those borrowers that fit these lending criteria. Also, USExpress, INC uses a stringent process to review and approve lenders, and only those licensed lenders with proven performance records in the loan category are accepted.

Q: Is USExpress, INC a lender and/or broker?

A: No. USExpress, INC is neither a broker nor a lender. USExpress, INC is not licensed to make or buy loans. USExpress, INC is a commercial financing marketplace used by lenders and borrowers to achieve an efficient direct debt trading market.

Q: Can lenders use USExpress, INC to see if a current customer is shopping for a new loan?

A: No, because information provided to lenders for the initial proposal process does not include the borrower's name, so it does not reveal the borrower's identity or his current lender.


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